The Story

In the heart of Los Angeles, was born out of a desire to break free from the mundane and explore the thrilling world of seductive attire. Our founder, Madison Taylor, a former fashion stylist with a knack for the daring and flamboyant, saw a gap in the market for high-quality, enticing costumes that allow individuals to express their unique fantasies.

The Inspiration

Madison was inspired by the diversity of LA's nightlife, the colorful characters and their unapologetic self-expression. She realized that each costume tells a story and she sought to provide a platform where every individual could tell their story in the most tantalizing way possible.

Our Mission

At, our mission is to create an inclusive space where everyone, regardless of gender or size, can find a costume that sparks their imagination. We aim to blend comfort, style, and seduction in every piece we offer, ensuring that our customers not only look good but also feel fantastic. We are committed to delivering a seamless shopping experience, fostering a sense of community, and inspiring self-expression.

The Team

Our team, led by Madison, is a diverse group of fashion enthusiasts, designers, and customer service experts who share a common passion for bringing fantasies to life. Our chief designer, Marco Rossi, hailing from Milan, brings European flair to our designs. Sophie Chen, our customer service lead, ensures every customer finds their perfect fit and feels valued. Together, we work tirelessly to bring you a curated collection of high-quality, enticing costumes that help you express your unique style and desires.

We hope you enjoy exploring the world of as much as we've enjoyed creating it!


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